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黑礁3(角子机)”簡体字” 企業傭兵3(博青嫂) ”繁体字”




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Black Lagoon 3 (Pachislot) byNANASHOW


Today, we will be introducing a third machine of a “Black Lagoon”, a popular pachislot machine series that was originally a TV animation.
Manufacturer of this series have been changed to NANASHOW Corporation from this third machine, but by collaborating with prior manufacturer, NANASHOW was able to keep the same gaming feature as the prior machines.
Beginning with a female protagonist called Revy, also known as “Two-Hands” and other characters such as Roberta known for being a former terrorist and now a maid, and twin assassins called Hansel and Gretel, these radical characters unique to crime action genre battle against each other fiercely.
It is expected to make its debut in December 2017.
Don’t miss it!!

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Black Lagoon 2 (Pachislot) by Spiky

Today we will be talking about the pachislot sequel to the very popular anime, and thoroughly matured pachinko/pachislot source material, Black Lagoon!
A change that has been made since last time is that Revy’s trusty gun, Sword Cutlass, has been attached onto either side of the chassis.
If the right-side gun begins to move, the player is sure to be pleased!
There is also a new “chance zone” which is designed to seize a jackpot called “BULLET BATTLE” and it features some new characters!
Be sure to check it out!
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Black Lagoon 2 (Pachinko) by TAIYO ELEC



The pachinko we will discuss today is the crime action game “Black Lagoon.”
Attached to the chassis are a skull, two guns, and a lighter designed to get the player pumped up!
When you get a jackpot, the exciting “bounty battle” takes place afterwards.
You can choose between Revy, the scariest gunman of the heroine and main character, and Roberta, the wickedest made nicknamed the Bloodhound of Florencia,
and the stronger the enemy the higher the rewards!
The machine with the biggest jackpot payout, Black Lagoon, is set for release in July.

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Black Lagoon (Pachislot) by Spiky

Today we will introduce a Pachislot machine based on the popular anime “Black Lagoon”!
The company that produced the anime, Mad House, also worked on this title so it has an overwhelming number of scenes.
The machine itself is designed to bring you the tension and grit that you can only get from Black Lagoon!
During the “bullet battle” that the heroine and protagonist Revy fights with strong enemies, Roberta and Ginji will make an appearance!
You’ll be holding on so hard that your hands will start sweating!

BLACK LAGOON ブラックラグーン レヴィ-水着ver.- (1/6 PVC塗装済み完成品)