The King of Fighters (Pachinko) by Daiichi

Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine of popular fighting game from SNK Playmore, “The King of Fighters”!!
Kyo Kusanagi’s team as a given, team of Yagami and team of Fatal Fury also makes their appearances for this pachinko machine!!
Within the all the renditions making the best out of KOF, rendition you must see is a battle rendition!!
Player gets to enjoy dynamic fights between Kyo and bosses such as Orochi, and fights between other 6 teams such as Yagami team in high quality image!!
This is a must play for fans,expected month of debut is July!!
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Fatal Fury Premium (Pachislot) by SNK PLAYMORE

Fatal Fury Premium
The popular fighting game Fatal Fury will be released as Pachislot.
A specially designed “Wild Wolf” chassis takes on the form of a wolf and looks pretty cool!
In addition, every graphical scene in this model is in beautiful 3D, so you get a crystal clear fight that really packs a punch and engages the player!
It’s a model that kills two birds with one stone by letting you experience playing Pachislot and a fighting game at the same time!
It’s set to be released in the first half of June by SNKPLAYMORE! Pachislot fans, fighting game fans, and general audiences alike can enjoy this one, so give it a try!

・Mai Shiranui’s figurine

SKYTUBE 不知火舞 Black ver. (1/6スケール PVC製塗装済み完成品)

Samurai Shodown (PachiSlot) by SNK PLAYMORE

The Pachislot masterpiece fighting game “Samurai Shodown” will come out soon!
The popular characters Haohmaru, and Nakoruru will fight in an eight round ladder tournament.
The awaiting eight fighters include strong opponents like Hanzo Hattori and Jubei Yagyu.
The final fighter is the well-known series boss Shiro Tokisada Amakusa!
Carry on the samurai spirit, and cut down all the enemies!

サムライスピリッツ天下一剣客伝 ナコルル (1/6スケールPVC塗装済み完成品)

Senkunokiseki -Sky Love- (Pachislot) by SNK PLAYMORE

The newest version of the Pachislot original series “Sky Love” will come out soon.
You can see Luelle as she was before joining the “Peace Sky Pirate Orchestra” that spearheaded the “Love Heart.”
Luelle lost her memory but something she does remember is the resting place of hidden treasure!
Lets go treasure hunting along with the “Peace Sky Pirate Orchestra”

SNK PLAYMORE パチスロサウンドコレクション BEST HIT スロットパニック