Star Ocean4 -The Last Hope-(Pachislot) by UNIVERSAL BROS.


Today, we will be introducing a pachislot machine of a highly popular action role-playing video game, “Star Ocean 4”!!
“Square Enix”, a company that is best known for publishing “Final Fantasy” is publishing its original game series, and this game has 5 sequels up to this point due to its interesting storyline and exhilarating battles.
This is the first pachislot machine of the series, and it is loaded with impressive battles against monsters just like in the original game.
Also, since the story succeeds as the player defeats a monster during the jackpot round, player gets to enjoy the excitement as if they are actually playing the original game!!
It is expected to make its debut on January 30th!!
Let’s be patient and wait for it!!
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Shadow Hearts: Covenant (Pachislot) by UNIVERSAL BROS.

“Shadow Hearts: Covenant” (a.k.a. Shadow Hearts II), a famous role-playing game, has been released as a pachislot machine!!
“Shadow Hearts: Covenant” is a game with laughter and tears, and its known for innovative battle system called the ‘Judgment Ring’.
As a pachislot machine this time, it still carries the excitement of its original work, and player gets to enjoy its innovative systems and various stories that rolls out.
The key of this pachislot machine is the ‘Judgment Ring’ that appears during a jackpot, that player needs to push the button at the right moment.
Player gets to win more with his/her own techniques!!
This machine is a must play for fans of the original work!!
Expected month of debut is this coming August!!
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Yaji and Kita’s travels (Pachislot) by MACY


Today we will talk about a pachislot based on the comedy “Yaji and Kita’s Travels,” which takes place in the Edo Period after the Meiji Restoration.
Of course it’s easy to know how to aim for a jackpot while you go traveling with Yaji and Kita, but this machine also has animations that parody other machines!!
You can experience animations from various UNIVERSAL material such as Basilisk and Milliongod!!
Also, the main animation features the adorable heroine Akane, and her odd friends: a long-nosed goblin and a water imp!!
If you can help Yaji and Kita, you will surely get a jackpot!!

pachislot machine & original Book

やじきた道中記X [家庭用|中古パチスロ実機 オートコイン不要装置セット]家庭用 中古スロット
東海道中膝栗毛 (21世紀版少年少女古典文学館)