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Kinnikuman -Dream Chojin Tag Team Chapter- (Pachinko) by KYORAKU.

Today we will introduce the latest pachinko model of the popular franchise “Kinnikuman”!
This is the second model to be released, and it ties in with another series that is popular among fans: “Dream Chojin Tag Team Chapter” !
The “Muscle Tag Tournament” faithfully reproduces the exciting tournament from the original series!
Kinnikuman and the mysterious masked Kinnikuman Great’s tag team “Muscle Brothers” will go up against over 10 other rival teams, including “Warsman” and “Robin Mask”!
Even tag teams not in the original will make an appearance!!
Endure your rivals’ techniques and take the victory with your “Burning Inner Strength”!

S.H.フィギュアーツ キン肉マン