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TEKKEN 3rd -ANGELver- (Pachislot) by YAMASA


A pachislot machine we will be introducing today is the latest series of “Tekken”, a popular game we have been covering numerous times on this site!!
This machine, being named ANGELver., its image color of green covers the chassis stylishly. Although its design is beautifully furbished, what player should pay attention to the most is its reel itself!!
There are four reels and four buttons!!
With four jackpot patterns lined up straight, it might give the player new sensation player has never felt before with traditional three reeled machine!!
“Tekken 3rd -ANGELver-”, a pachislot machine with the collaboration of Bandai Namco and Yamasa will soon make its debut to the parlor!!

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Warriors Orochi (Pachislot) by YAMASA

A legendary game of “Warriors Orochi” has finally been released as a pachislot machine!!
Its original work featuring joint battles of heroes from “Dynasty Warriors” and “Samurai Warriors” is one of the best masterpiece.
This machine utilizes the dynamism of “Warriors Orochi” for its gaming nature!!
Within all the features, rendition of “meoshi (pressing button at precise time)”, a unique feature to pachislot machine, is a must see!!
Try aiming at the “Orochi” pattern and something might happen if you hit it!!
Like the dynamic sickle attack of Orochi, its impact is outstanding.
Expected debut to the parlor is end of next month.
Don’t miss it if you are a fan!!
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God Eater (Pachislot) by YAMASA


Today, we will be introducing a pachislot machine of “God Eater”, a popular action game that sold more than 2 million copies!!
Use a weapon called God Arcs to slay a gigantic monster of Aragami!!
Story moves as you beat Aragami.
Let’s try to see all 25 episodes that are filled with excitement!!
Star-studded voice actors such as Kazuya Nakai and Hiroaki Hirata, who does the voice of Zoro and Sanji of “One Piece” respectively, and Maaya Sakamoto, who is the voice of Shinobu Oshino in “Bakemonogatari”!!
Debut is expected on 11th of May.
Let’s slay all of the Aragamis at the parlor!!

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KELOT 3 (Pachislot) by YAMASA

Today we will introduce a pachislot machine featuring the mascot character of YAMASA!!
KELOT is an adorable frog with an expressive face who is very popular in the pachislot world!!
Aim for a jackpot as you go on adventures during your vacation to the southern islands with KELOT’s beloved KELOROON.
It’s an easy to understand system that even beginners can quickly pick up. I’ve been “toad” that KELOT 3 is currently being well received!!
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Tekken 3rd (Pachislot) by YAMASA

Today we will introduce the newest pachislot version of a popular fighting franchise: “Tekken 3rd”!
Loaded with the highest capacity ROM on the market, the quality of the in-game movie seqences has really evolved!
It’s a new system that makes you feel like you are actually playing a fighting game at your pachislot machine!
We’re looking forward to the July release of Tekken 3rd.
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ZEGAPAIN (Pachislot) by YAMASA


The longstanding popular anime Zegapain, with its deep story and breathtaking world, is coming to Pachislot!
Not only is the fierce fighting between Kyo and the Celebrants, and Abyss and the Gards-arms preserved,
but the animation staff made a new scene just for this machine.
They’ve also made the ending scene of the original series even more emotional, so this machine is a must-see for fans!

ゼーガペイン カミナギ・リョーコ -Resurrection- (1/8スケール PVC塗装済完成)

Monkey Turn 2nd (PachiSlot) by YAMASA

Today we introduce the 2nd Monkey Turn Pachislot “Monkey Turn 2,” which won the Shogakukan Manga Award.
Monkey Turn is based on a manga about Japanese boat racing, so the player races in a motor boat.
It faithfully reproduces the intense give and take tactics in races with Kenji Hatano and his numerous rivals.
Win the race by using the only technique that can defeat the Monkey Turn: the VMonkey.
The VMonkey is a sharp cornering technique thought up by Kenji.

【中古】パチスロ実機 山佐 モンキーターン2 【コイン不要機セット】届いた日に遊べる

Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto (Pachislot) by YAMASA


A school-based science fiction action anime with robots that dangerously mixes mystery and betrayal has been made into a Pachislot machine.
With love, dreams, laughter, friendship, and passion, the “Glorious song of youth” begins now.
Can you solve the mystery of the secret society called “Glittering Crux Brigade?” Their slogan is “Glittering Star.”
Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto, the Pachislot version, was released by Yamasa and is admired by many.

STAR DRIVER 輝きのタクト Songs & Soundtracks