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3×3 Eyes(Pachinko) byDaito


Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine that has just made its debut this week, “3×3 EYES”.
Its original work is a manga written and illustrated by Yuzo Takada.
It was serialized in magazine for 15 years since 1987, and it sold over 33 million copies, that it was a megaseller.
Also, its sequel has been serialized with web comics, and it is quite popular as well.
Its visuals are fully renewed for this pachinko machine, and players will be able to enjoy the world represented in the original work with gorgeous voice actors such as Megumi Hayashibara.

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Dankyu Mokushiroku Kaiji 3 (Pachinko) by TAKAO

Today we will talk about a pachinko machine based on Nobuyuki Fukumoto’s Kaiji, which has been made into a manga, an anime, and a live action film starring Tatsuya Fujiwara!!
Fans have been waiting for this machine, the third in the series.
It’s unique world is preserved as-is, and the large number of tense cutscenes is sure to not bore the player.
Players will surely be surprised at the new large see-through “IMPACT HYODO FACE” screen which comes attached to the “SPIRAL IMPACT” chassis!
The long awaited arrival will happen in February 2015, so get out and experience the world of Kaiji!!

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