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Today, we will be introducing a pachislot machine of “Z/X IGNITION”, originally a TV animation series adapted from a popular “collectible card game” of “Z/X”.
Special features of this pachislot machine are the two battle zones during the jackpot round.
One is called “JUDGEMENT PHASE” which uses cards from the collectible card game.
If player defeats the enemy before the cards run out, player will enter another battle zone called “Battle of Godly Dragons” in which characters from TV animation appears.
There will be a huge winning if player defeats the godly dragon.
Also, casting the same popular voice actors as the original animation is another highlight of this machine.
Let’s be prepared for the debut of this machine in March by watching the anime and play its card game.

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Jujika3-Destiny of Twin Cross (Pachislot) byNET


Today, we will be introducing the latest pachislot series of “Jujika (The Cross)”, an original content by NET.
Being the third chapter of the series, the heroines for this pachislot machine are twin sisters who have secret powers to defeat the Dracula.
Queen of Dracula fears this secret power that she captures Karina, and to save Karina, Jessika heads for the castle of Dracula.
Will the sisters be able to meet again? What happens at the showdown between the heroines and the Queen of Dracula? Player gets to enjoy the story development matching to the gaming nature of an original content.
It is expected to make its debut at beginning of March 2016.
Don’t miss it!!

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Aquarion Evol (Pachinko) by SANKYO


“Genesis of Aquarion”, an anime that have caused a social phenomenon with its commercials and music by the shocking phrase of “I want to coalesce with you”, is now coming out with its latest pachinko series!!
This year is the 10th anniversary of Aquarion series.
This machine, also being the commemoration work, is a successor to the first Aquarion, which was a smash hit.
As for the rendition aspect, it bases itself with the “Aquarion EVOL”, aired in 2012, but with more evolvement.
Coalescence renditions with multiple movable accessories are must see!!
Players get to enjoy the feeling of exhilaration they have never felt before with the jackpot by coalescence rendition!!
It is expected to make its debut in December.Do not miss it!!

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